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35 Remington sp SP

35 Rem. 35 rem 35 Rem .35 Rem 35 Remington core-lokt SP 60 rounds Federal Power-Shok is hard hitting ammunition

380 ACP Remington UMC

380 ACP Remington UMC| Ammunition 380 ACP 95 Grain Full Metal Jacket 250 rounds 380 ACP Remington UMC, Buy 380-ACP

40Rds .50AE Action Express

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Aguila 9mm Luger 115gr.

Aguila’s 9mm Luger 115gr. target load is loaded with a 115gr. full metal jacket bullet for reliable feeding and consistent accuracy in a variety of firearms. Loaded in a quality brass casing with premium powder and primers this ammo is a great choice for your next range trip.

Aguila Ammunition 9mm 124gr

Aguila 1E092110 9mm Luger124 GR Full Metal Jacket. Originally made for the Mexican military and law enforcement, this hard-hitting round is now available to civilian shooters. This round is perfect for home defense tactical scenarios, right down to target shooting.

Aguila Centerfire Rounds Brass

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Aguila MiniShells 12 Gauge

The Federal Champion .22 Long Rifle bulk pack makes a great option for a day of plinking at the range or in the woods hunting small game. This round incorporates a 36 grain copper plated hollow point and has a muzzle velocity of 1260 feet per second. 525 Rounds per Box Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 745 Caliber: .22 LR Bullet Type: Copper Plated Hollow Point Bullet Weight: 36 Grains Rounds: 525 Muzzle velocity: 1260 fps Muzzle energy: 127 ft/lbs Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: .125 Uses: Target shooting, training, practice
Item#: AMM-0524

Aguila-32-ACP-FMJ-71 Grain-50-Rounds for sale

Aguila-32-ACP-FMJ-71 Grain-50-Rounds for sale Aguila-32-ACP-FMJ-71 Grain-50-Rounds for sale, Since 1961,  It’s ammo with consistent and dependable performance you can rely

Aguila-MiniShells-12-Gauge Ammunition-200-Rounds

For over 50 years Aguila Ammunition has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of recreational, hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement ammunition. Aguila is proud to offer an extensive line of ammunition and is recognized as one of the largest Rimfire manufacturers in the world! Their ammunition is produced in a newly updated state of the art facility that combines today’s technology and premium raw materials with some of the most extensive quality control processes in the industry. All Aguila meets SAAMI and CIP standards guaranteeing the reliability and performance that customers demand. When it comes to being accurate and efficient with a firearm, practice is key! The low velocity and low recoil of 12 Gauge MiniShells is the perfect option for recoil sensitive shooters. These buckshot loads can be used for training and self defense! Aguila MiniShells are ideal for single shot or double barrel shotguns!  Please note: MiniShells may or may not function correctly in pump action shotguns depending on the specific firearm and the experience of the shooter. Some modifications may be required, of a qualified gunsmith, for a pump action shotgun to properly cycle MiniShells. MiniShells are not recommended for use in semi-automatic shotguns and should not be expected to cycle correctly in semi-automatic shotguns. Aguila MiniShells 1CHB1288 12 Gauge 1-3/4″ Shell 7 Pellets #4 Lead Buckshot 4 Pellets #1 Lead Buckshot 5/8 Ounce Shot Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps Uses: Target Shooting, Training, or Self Defense Predator, Varmint and Pest Control 20 rounds per box. To buy a full case order 25 boxes. Ammo price is p er box. 

Ammo 115gr FMJ CCI

Bullet Type: FMJ, Full Metal Jacket Bullet Weight: 115gr Bullet Jacket: Copper Case: Brass Velocity: 1125 ft/s Powder: Non-Corrosive Primer: Boxer Amount: 1000 Round Case Notes: Blazer® Brass brings shooters the reliability and quality of ammunition built to SAAMI standards, and is backed by stringent ISO certified quality systems. Blazer Brass is loaded in reloadable brass cases for added value. Standard Boxer-type primers and primer pockets mean you can reload Blazer Brass cases just like any other case. Blazer Brass is loaded with a protected-base FMJ bullet. CCI® primers insure reliable ignition, and we load clean-burning propellants.

Ammo 115gr FMJ Remington

Bullet Type: FMJ MC, Full Metal Jacket Bullet Weight: 115gr Bullet Jacket: Copper Case: Brass Velocity: 1,145 ft/s Powder: Non-Corrosive Primer: Boxer Amount: 500 Round Case Notes: This particular lot of ammo is part of a production overrun which fulfilled the needs of either military orders or law enforcement contracts. As a result, these excellent 9mm rounds are available to the public and offer great performance in bulk quantities at an inexpensive price